American Iron Offroad Upper Double Ended Stud for Jeep 1990-2017

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Wanting the ability to adjust steering firmness or loosen it up a bit? Our double-ended stud allows for adjustment of steering firmness by adjusting torque values starting from 25 ft/lbs for a stock “feel” and can be tightened in 5 ft/lb increments to increase steering firmness to your liking. All current Jeep 1990-2017 Delete Systems come with this feature, so this upgrade is for those systems purchased before August 2023. We are throwing in a pair of low-profile nylocks so you can also have new hardware for the lower assembly to help dial in that firmness! 

Simply toss the hardware in the freezer for an hour while you remove the older bolt and slide the new stud in. The lower yellow zinc nut (pictured above, will be torqued to 40 ft/lbs and the upper nut will start at 25 ft/lbs. The extra low profile nylocks (pictured above) will be used in the lower assemblies to further help you dial in the firmness. 

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