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The torque values for all systems are in the instructions. Use the QR code located in your box, click the instructions page at the top of the site, or use this link: Instructions.

Nylocks for each Delete System found here.

Return and warranty information can be found here.

Yes. The stud will be flush or just past flush with the top of the nylock on systems using a double-ended stud on the lower. Clearance between the shafts above is at a minimum.

Step 1: The number one reason for this is over torquing the top nylock. See the instructions link above for your application.
Step 2: Check your caster. Most Jeep applications drive the best at 5-6 degrees of caster.

If your application has the joints pressed into the inner Cā€™s the stud will rotate with the knuckle. If your application requires the joints to be pressed into the outer knuckle the studs will not rotate with the knuckle.

American Iron Offroad Balljoint Delete Systems hardware is machined from solid rods of 4140 heat treated chromoly.