Ford Super Duty Dana 60

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**Backordered, 1 to 2 week lead time on all orders**

The Race Series kits feature a split-tapered bushing which expands as preload is added to the assembly ensuring a precise fit. The customer can trim the top flange of the bushing based on caster/camber needs, the kit includes instructions on setup and trimming. 

  • 7075 Aluminum Split-tapered bushings with cone washer
  • 7/8″ Teflon lined Spherical Bearings with C Clip
  • Viton Seal with machined shim (press fit)
  • 4130 cups
  • 7/8″ Grade 12 Socket Head Cap Screw (170,000 psi tensile strength)
  • 7/8″ Low profile locknut
  • *Marketed as “Offroad Use Only” 

Fitment: Please choose an option based off of the year vehicle your axle was originally installed in as well as your desired bushing offset (0 degree, 1.5 degree, or 3 degree). Off-road rigs generally benefit from a 3 degree bushing to gain negative camber while lifted rigs also benefit in that they can gain back the positive caster lost when lifting. The 1.5 degree bushing option is available for more “stock” applications. Popular settings are -3* camber (mostly used in Ultra4 style builds), -1.5* camber/+1.5* caster, -1* camber/+2* caster, and -.5* camber/+2.5* caster. Stock lower balljoints see less failures but are susceptible to “push out.” This happens when a shaft breaks and pushes the joint out the bottom of the knuckle. The lower system uses the same basic design as the upper, with a steel cone to match the tapered hole in the knuckle.

Looking to weld your kit?: The press fit systems can be welded in by simply removing the clear zinc coating, please see the instructions for more details.