American Iron Offroad Ai-8000 Ai60 Ford Super Duty Cast Outer Knuckle Set

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Don’t need a 7075 knuckle for your 2005+ Superduty axle, but want something with double-sheer and hi-steer? These knuckles bridge the gap between a stock knuckle and our 7075 offering to bring you strength at an affordable price.

These are casted, machined, and powder coated right here in the USA without the need for machining, drilling & tapping your current knuckle.  They're stronger due to added material thicknesses/radii blending the body of the knuckle into the upper arm and not having material removed for a studded arm. See the FEA testing images below for strength figures. A standard full hydro setup pushes/pulls with 8,500# for reference. Our knuckles see only .045”-.046” deflection at 25,000# of force. The testing was stopped at that number because you can clearly see what’s happening at the steering joint at those loads. They feature an adjustable steering stop and accept our 05+ Balljoint Delete Systems or a regular Balljoint if you so choose.