Jeep (2018-Current)

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The JT/JL are plagued by major problem- both joints are pressed in from the bottom and with a shaft failure the lower balljoint gets punched out and the upper follows suit. The JT/JL Balljoint Delete System upper presses in from the top, the lower from the bottom. If a shaft failure occurs and the lower assembly is contacted, the upper joint features a ledge keeping the outer knuckle from falling off completely. Key features include:

  • 3/4” PFTE Teflon coated bearings for long bearing life and smooth operation
  • 4340 hardened chromoly hardware. Lower hardware features a buttonhead with hex pocket in order to clear the larger RCV bells. 
  • Buna O-ring seals top of assemblies to keep debris out
  • Fits stock knuckles and Reid knuckles using the stock upper camber bushing.