American Iron Offroad Ford Super Duty Dana 60 7075 Bushing Pairs

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Have a Delete System in your D60 and want to switch stuff up and need different caster/camber settings? We now offer the bushing pairs in 0 degree, 1.5 degree, and 3 degree varieties for you to replace beat up bushings or dial in your caster/camber. 


Choose from the drop down menu below for your D60 based on year range and desired settings. 

Factory trucks: No Lift- 0 degree, 3” lift- 1.5 degree, 6”+ lift- 3 degree

D60 swapped vehicles vary based on build. The higher COG/shorter the chassis the more caster you’ll need to make up for having to rotate the axle forward vs a long/low COG build. If you have questions on which is right for your rig just email us at



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