American Iron Offroad Ball Joint Delete System for Dodge Ram 2500/3500 (AAM)

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***Currently we have a one week lead time on our 2000 - 2013.5 AAM kits***

  • Custom machined press-fit upper & lower cups
  • Custom spec’d 4140 heat-treated hardware with Grade 8 nylock nuts
  • 7/8” Teflon-lined bearings for smooth operation
  • 3D printed plastic dust cap and Viton seal head to keep debris from tops of each assembly
  • Pre-greased and lubricated 
  • Adjustable steering feel via torque settings
  • Fully rebuildable with a simple bearing remove and replace no pressing
  • Easy installation with basic hand tools
  • *** U.S. PATENT PENDING ***
  • Year: Choose the year of the vehicle your AAM axle is from.
  • Cup Size: Select the standard size cup for minimal ball joint replacements or the oversized cup (.008” over) for axles with several ball joint replacements.

Are you tired of frequently replacing your Dodge 2500/3500 or Power Wagon's ball joints? Do you want to eliminate the quirky steering characteristics? American Iron Offroad offers a solution with its innovative AAM balljoint delete system. Our custom-engineered system addresses the unique challenges of the AAM, providing a durable and explained solution.

What is the AAM axle and why is it prone to Ball Joint failure?

The AAM (American Axle & Manufacturing) axle is used in vehicles such as the Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500, and it is known to be prone to ball joint failure. The AAM axle's design, particularly in the Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 models, is susceptible to issues such as the ball joints wallowing out of the hole in the inner C with each ball joint replacement. This is due to the unique design of the AAM axle, where the upper and lower joints rotate in different axes, leading to increased wear and tear on the ball joints. Additionally, the non-greaseable factory AAM ball joints can suffer from lack of lubrication, contributing to their premature failure. These factors have led to frequent ball joint replacements in vehicles equipped with AAM axles, causing inconvenience, and added costs for vehicle owners.

What is a Ball Joint Delete System and why do you need it?  Learn more from American Iron Founder Josh Dodsworth:

We stand by the quality and durability of our products. We will warranty parts found to be defective. The spherical bearings, specifically, also carry a 2 year or 30,000 mile (whichever comes first) warranty. We cannot warranty parts that have been damaged due to improper installation. We will, however, work with our customers on replacing individual parts should they be needed.

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