Dodge Ram 2500/3500 (AAM)

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Tired of replacing your Dodge 2500/3500 or Power Wagons balljoints one after the other? Tired of the quirky steering characteristics? Ready for an actual solution with a solid explanation as to why it’s better?… it is!

The AAM is plagued by something different than any other knuckle like the Ford or Jeep….the uppers and lowers don’t rotate on the same axis and this is where problems start. In the factory configuration the lower joint misaligns as it rotates and the upper joint telescopes because it’s not a balljoint at all, but a greased shank inside a steel sleeve. The Delete System changes this dynamic. 

- Custom machined press-fit upper & lower cups

- Custom spec’d 4140 heat-treated hardware with Grade 8 nylock nuts 

- 7/8” Teflon-lined bearings for smooth operation

- 3D printed plastic dust cap and Viton seal head to keep debris from tops of each assembly with open bottom to allow any moisture to evacuate from joint.

Year: Choose the year of the vehicle your AAM axle is from.

Cup Size: Choose the standard size cup if your axle has had minimal balljoint replacements.  Choose the oversized cup (.008” over) if your axle has had several balljoint replacements.  The AAM axle is prone to wallowing out of the hole in the inner C with each balljoint replacement.