Ford Super Duty Dana 60 Full Kit (99-04)

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The Race Series kits feature a split-tapered bushing which expands as preload is added to the assembly ensuring a precise fit. The customer is able to trim the top flange of the bushing based on needs of caster/camber with instructions on trimming. Popular settings are -3* camber (mostly used in Ultra4 style builds), -1.5* camber/+1.5* caster, -1* camber/+2* caster, and -.5* camber/+2.5* caster.

  • 7075 Aluminum Split-tapered bushings with cone washer
  • 7/8″ FK Spherical Bearings (F1 Fit) with C Clip
  • 4130 Direct-fit cups
  • 7/8″ Grade 8 Socket Head Cap Screw (170,000 psi tensile strength)
  • 7/8″ Low profile locknut
  • *Marketed as “Offroad Use Only” 

Stock lower balljoints see less failures, but are susceptible to “push out.” This happens when a shaft breaks and pushes the joint out the bottom of the knuckle. The lower system uses the same basic design as the upper, with a steel cone to match the tapered hole in the knuckle. The cup is able to be welded on both sides preventing a push-out from either direction.


***When ordering a full set (uppers & lowers) please indicate the year range of your axle in the “notes” section.

Installation Instructions