Ford Super Duty 7075 Outer Knuckles

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If you are looking to go to a complete Kingpin setup, stop and take a look at these! Machined from a solid chunk of 7075 Aluminum these knuckles are the best you’ll find for a Superduty D60. 


-60% reduction in weight 

-integrated Delete Systems directly machined into top/bottom of knuckle which accept a 7/8” F1 fit spherical bearings. Adjust caster/camber up to 3 degrees.

- multiple options for brakes, from stock to lightweight rotors/hats

-integrated hi-steer arm for increased strength and double sheer mounting of tie rod at any height between the arms

- compare to a Super Kingpin setup @ ~$2,700 you get the same or greater strength from the joints with easier rebuilding, and an alloy that is much stronger/lighter than a traditional cast steel knuckle while avoiding having to cut off stock knuckles and re-weld C’s.

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